AWS Serverless Computing – our second event for the year 2019

March 31, 2019 / Comments (0)


The second event of this year happened on 30th March 2019 titled “Introduction to serverless computing (AWS)” by Manivannan Guru. You can read more about the event here. About 19 members have signed up for the event and 10 members have attended the event.

Based on the feedback received from members and interests shown on serverless architecture, we decided to organize one.  The event started with the introduction and fundamentals of AWS and serverless architecture followed by a walkthrough of different services used in a typical serverless application. Examples of serverless architecture were beautifully explained by Mani using use cases of a weather application and thumbnail generation.

The second part of the event is a live demo of setting up a typical web application as serverless architecture. Finally, the session ended with Q&A where different types of questions such as security, infrastructure migration, offline development are asked.

Thanks to our presenter Manivannan Guru for putting efforts to prepare this great presentation and demo. We are very grateful for him to share his knowledge as a certified solutions architect by AWS. Thanks to our attendees who decided to learn something new at the weekend. We also thank adappt for sponsoring the venue to host this event. 


Please find the feedback we received from some of our event attendees


Thanks for the session. It’s really pretty more information provided at a deep level. Suganya

Good going. Can improve by organizing in college and also for freshers Bavani

Event Resources:

Introduction to serverless computing by

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