Flutter – Our first event for the year 2019

January 20, 2019 / Comments (0)


One month after the launch of AITPRO, we organized our first event for this year titled “Introduction to Flutter”  by Dhananjayan on 19th January 2019. You can read more details about this event and the speaker here.  With 15+ attendees including some from Dubai, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. The event started with the networking of attendees along with some refreshments and then followed by the actual presentation by the presenter Dhananjayan in the venue’s conference room.

The presentation titled “Introduction to Flutter” was targetted at the general audience and covers the introduction, basics of flutter including a demo session showing how to set up, initiate and create a basic mobile application using flutter. All our events are pre-planned including the seating capacity which usually depends on the venue and event type. For this event, the total seating capacity was just 15 however we got an overwhelming response with reservations exceeding up to 24. 

At the end of the event, there was a Q&A session, where attendees asked questions and clarifications about the session. A feedback form was handed using iPad to the attendees to get their feedback for this event and their suggestions to improve the future events.  Thanks to our presenter Dhananjayan for putting efforts to prepare this presentation and taking a seminar on this interesting topic and also thanks to our attendees who decided to spend their weekend learning something new. This is always encouraged.

Please find the feedback we received from some of our event attendees

It’s nice to Get updated and having knowledge about new technologies like the flutter Vengat

Thanks for sharing your knowledge sharing Gobinath


The presentation was good.Saranraj

Waiting for more events and new technology seminarsGopalakrishnan

Good opportunity to learn new technology.Mohankumar

Wanted a Web session for future eventsSathish
Please register with aitpro and stay tuned to get notified about our upcoming event.  Looking forward to the same overwhelming responses 🙂


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