Our first open feedback meeting was a success!

October 14, 2018 / Comments (0)


After a couple of private meetings to collect feedback and showcase aitpro, we had an idea to organize one open meeting where potential members will be provided a walkthrough of aitpro and collect feedback about this initiative. They will also be provided with an opportunity to become a volunteer. We planned this at the last minute and overwhelmed by the interest of our 10+ participants that showed up.

The meeting started by 11.00 am with a networking session served along with refreshments. By 11.30 we began the walkthrough of aitpro and wrapped up by 12.30. Every participant is given an opportunity to ask questions, clarifications and provide feedback about this initiative.  We also shared an online feedback survey which the participants are generous enough to complete. The attendees are very excited about this initiative and began to pour very useful suggestions, questions about the activities and how they are ready to volunteer and become part of aitpro.

We thank you for attending and providing your feedback. It means a lot to us and like we said we run with your feedback and involvement as our fuel. So let’s grow together!


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