How our closed feedback meeting was useful ?

October 7, 2018 / Comments (1)


In this month, we organized a couple of meetings with our closed participants. We hand-picked attendees matching our community interest and sent them an invitation to participate in a closed feedback meeting. About 80% of the invitees accepted while the remaining 20% declined due to timing. We decided to start the meeting with a networking session where participants introduce themselves and get to know each other. Snacks and refreshments were served in our exquisite cafe area and our attendees sitting in the bar stool began to discuss their work and geeky talks.

After the networking session, we began to present aitpro and its benefits. We decided to have the questions and clarifications by end of the presentation to honor the time of everyone present and narrow it down to the point. The most interesting part of these meetings was the feedback session where attendees expressed and amazed us with a lot of questions and clarifications.  Their questions and feedback were helpful to create an FAQ for the future audience.

We on behalf of aitpro would like to thank everyone for their time, interest and feedback which drives this association.

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How our closed feedback meeting was useful ?

  1. vasanth Dhandapani says:

    I really enjoyed the meeting, thanks for the wonderful experience. I very much look forward to our future collaborations and many more

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